Promoting Big Vs Small Ticket Opportunities


If you are looking to grow a business online as an affiliate marketer you have the option of promoting small ticket or big ticket opportunities. So, which one is better to promote?  Think about it … Most people would probably by a lower ticket item to try it out before they buy a high ticket item. Right? Of course…

But what if you had a product that could cater for multiple audiences with any budget? A product that allowed people to join at a low entry cost to get started and move up as they learn the value of the product they are purchasing.

When advertising your offer, your target market may not be willing to spend money on a high ticket item, at least not right away, so its important to have another offer for your prospect to allow them to test the water with you, get to know you and learn a little bit about what you are promoting and what you are about.

Low ticket opportunities will allow new people to test out the business to see if it is a right fit for them. If you provide them with value and look after your prospect, then when the time comes, they will trust you enough to buy larger ticket items. This will also provide them with information and education to get them started in the right direction online.

So if you are interested in starting a business online that you can start at a low entrance fee and learn how to scale your business to high figures here is a GREAT OPTION.

The most important thing is.. YOU START!!

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