Using Skype With Digital Altitude

human-1138001_960_720If you are getting started online with a home based business, you will be learning to use many different platforms to help your business grow. I am currently part of Digital Altitude an awesome system with training courses created to teach people how to start and take their online business to the next level.

One of the resources that is used as part of Digital Altitude is Skype. Skype is a platform that is used to connect and communicate with the coaches that will be helping you through the courses and setting up your Aspire business.

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Skype is FREE to download and use. I have used it for many of my online businesses to connect with people across the world. You can get on groups Skype calls and share ideas with team members that are part of your businesses or talk with others who are interested in getting started with you in your business.

As a digital entrepreneur you will be constantly learning and using various online services. It can be overwhelming as a newbie online, but keep your mind open to learning and don’t let frustration stop you from growing your business.

You will learn and succeed if you keep pressing forward.

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…the system that is helping thousands take their income to the next level.

To your success!

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Getting Started With A Powerful Business Model


With the growth of the internet fining ways to make an income online is easier then ever. I have been involved in a couple different ventures online over the past year and I found a POWERFUL business model that is simple to get started and has helped over 50,000 people  start an online business which allows you to travel the world, make money and have fun.

The reason this business model is so powerful is because everything is pretty much done for you. You learn things like how to drive traffic to your business and once someone signs up your COACHES do the rest. In addition, I’m not like most people because when you join me in this awesome business, I will give you that extra edge with additional trainings and resources to all my paid members.

So what are the steps to get started?


Get started by registering for your 14 day trail. Their are 6 steps you will want to go through to learn about the business model and how you can scale your business to over 6 figures using this model. If you take action you will be able to get through the 6  steps before your trial his over.

Also, get connected with your coach once you sign up. They will help guide you through each step and answer any questions you have. I’d also like you to get connected with me here so I can help you move forward once you get past the trail period.

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This business model is a top tier business so their are different levels you can come in at. Decide which business level you would like to start at and set up your business. Remember your coach will help take you through the different levels and their will be 12 more steps that you will follow to get started.


Take ACTION on a daily bases. If you want to have success in this business you will need to take action and follow the plan the coaches and I give you. If you follow the steps and training you will have success.


Once you set up your business get connected with me HERE. I will help teach you about traffic and tools that will be helpful for your business. I am here to give you guidance on your journey in this powerful business. Working together as a team will help you stay motivated and learning from others on the same success journey.

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I’ll see you at the top!